Support Areas

Programme Areas

In building capacity of civil society, Urur Kaab will implement activities across three programme areas; these are: 

Enhancing Civil Society Organisational and Programming Capacity.

Objective: “Civil society actors gain requisite organisational and programming capacity to access donor and local resources to sustainably further their objectives”.
Key approaches under this objective will include:

  • Needs based/demand-driven capacity development support to civil society (mapping and capacity assessment of civil society; development of tools and approaches; delivery of capacity development support;)
  • Establish help desk for CSOs (online – through FAQs, social media, telephone hotline)
  • Accompaniment including coaching, mentoring, peer support etc on proposal development, financial management, collaboration and networking, advocacy, policy influencing.

Enhancing the capacity of Civil Society to Understand and Advocate for the needs of their Constituents.

Objective: “Civil society actors gain technical know-how in key thematic areas and strengthen their ability to advocate for the interests of their constituents, engage in policy dialogue with government”
Key approaches will include:

  • Support CSOs to identify and prioritise areas for which support on advocacy and policy engagement with government is needed
  • Support CSOs to develop structured, ongoing and formalized engagement with governments at federal and federal members states level
  • Training & coaching in advocacy and networking, communications, public relations as well as international/regional/local instruments as mechanisms for advocacy
  • Support to undertake constituency needs analysis and develop programmes in accordance with mapped needs

Developing Partnerships and Networking Abilities of Civil Society Actors.

Objective: “Civil society actors are better able to collaborate and network, strengthen their position as participants in policy dialogue”
Key approaches under this component will include:

  • Design and develop a CSOs database (informed by mapping under component 1)
  • Organize forums to provide opportunities for CSOs to network – discuss their own and one another’s work, learn about organizations working in the field to explore opportunities for collaboration
  • Explore opportunities for CSOs/private sector engagement, capacity building on CSOs/private sector dialogues and convene exchange forums with the private sector.

Building capacity of CSOs across the three area will result to civil society that is legitimate (organic and representing identified needs of its constituencies), credible (operationally effective and technically/programmatically capable) and resilient (adaptable and sustainable)