The Urur Kaab

The Urur Kaab Helpdesk is a new feature on the Urur Kaab project website and can be used by CSOs working with Democracy and Human Rights. The Helpdesk is a tool for CSOs to request swift support from program management and program staff on guidance and advice on how to deal with programmatic issues. Such as recommendation and guidance on a practical issue which the organisation is currently facing.

Examples of where the Helpdesk can be a useful tool is a review of a developed project proposal, communication campaign or in-kind support to CSO admin staff on templates, routines and guidance from best-practice examples.

The requests are used for swift support and advice from project management and program liaison officers and are expected to be completed within the same day of commencement.

After the submission of a request, a helpdesk manager will be in touch with your organisation detailing if the request can be managed by the Helpdesk or not. The program staff will also try to align your needs with the expertise available and in alignment to best fit your request.

Ururkaab Helpdesk