Hargeisa - Communication Workshop for Civil Society Organizations in Somaliland

On 27th — 29 March, Urur Kaab (Technical Assistance for Capacity Building to Civil Society Organization) held communication training for 26 communication officers and managers from 14 organizations that operate in Somaliland.

The workshop consisted of 3 days; on the first day, our expert Abdulkadir Askar laid out the program agenda and continued with the knowledge and skills to develop practical communication competencies. This is part of efforts to strengthen the capacity of CSOs with the support of the EU in Somalia. The workshop focused on the essence of effective communication (i.e., messaging, stories of change, and press releases). The participants were split into three groups working together to practice writing a press release and structure a good press release with necessary details, then present it later to other group members.

The participants were shared how social media has made it easier than ever for CSOs to connect with an audience of potential beneficiaries, donors, government officials, and other people interested in supporting a cause and how CSO can utilize these handy tools to showcase their work and impact at different levels through sharing and engaging with different kinds of posts. It also covered different social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, plus analyzing social media engagement.

At the end of the workshop, Mohamed who was one of the participants from Nafis network, shared his reflections on what he learned and told us that “It was very beneficial for me and when I go back to my office, it will help me a lot to do my work effectively.”

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