Garowe - Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning workshop for Civil Society Organizations in Puntland

On 4th — 06 September, Urur Kaab (Technical Assistance For Civil Society Capacity Building Program) held a Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Workshop for 28 Monitoring and Evaluations officers and managers from 18 organizations that operate in Puntland. The workshop took place at Garowe Plaza Hotel.

The workshop consisted of 3 days, on the first day our expert Badra Yusuf laid out the program agenda and continued to explain Principles of M&E for Results The changing role and practice of M&E. As well as, M&E fundamentals results approaches, outputs, outcomes and impact relate M&E to programmes and project cycle also, identifying stakeholders and their differing needs and roles.

The course provides conceptual frameworks for mixed methods use (both qualitative and quantitative) in program monitoring and evaluation. Methodological and implementation challenges and applications in program assessment, impact, development, interventions, and overall implementation has been discussed. In addition, the course has provided an introduction to the capabilities of digital tools and research resources for increasing quality and efficiency of data collection, access, analysis, and visualization.

Participants have been grouped into different teams to come up with a mixed methods evaluation project idea. This inlcludes working title, problem, data collection involving quantitative and qualitative data, and the potential significance of the project. During the workshop, participants have chosen ideas and work on them in groups as concepts are introduced, with a final presentation at the end.

Major concepts including Learning and Indicators were under discussion in an interactive manner were the participants have shared their thoughts, practices, current methodologies and real life experiences.

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