Open Opportunity – Advancing Democratic Goals and Strengthening of Democratic Institutions

Key Information

Funded by:  National Endowment for Democracy (NED)

Location: Worldwide

Status: Open

Opportunity Size: Small

Value: 50 Thousand USD

Deadline: 12 Dec 2021 (Proposal due date)

Categories: Services

Topics: Democracy, Human Rights & Governance Social/Inclusive Development


Official Title

Grants working to advance democratic goals and strengthen democratic institutions

Each year the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) makes direct grants to hundreds of nongovernmental organizations worldwide working to advance democratic goals and strengthen democratic institutions.

Each year, NED makes more than 1,600 grants to support the projects of non-governmental groups abroad who are working for democratic goals in more than 90 countries. Grant amounts vary depending on the size and scope of the projects, but the average grant lasts 12 months and is around $50,000.


NED funds only nongovernmental organizations, which may include civic organizations, associations, independent media, and other similar organizations.

NED encourages applications from organizations working in diverse environments including newly established democracies, semi-authoritarian countries, highly repressive societies and countries undergoing democratic transitions.

NED does not make grants to individuals, governmental bodies, or state-supported institutions such as public universities.


NED is interested in proposals from local, independent organizations for nonpartisan programs that seek to:

  • Promote and defend human rights and the rule of law
  • Support freedom of information and independent media
  • Strengthen democratic ideas and values
  • Promote accountability and transparency
  • Strengthen civil society organizations
  • Strengthen democratic political processes and institutions
  • Promote civic education
  • Support democratic conflict resolution
  • Promote freedom of association
  • Strengthen a broad-based market economy


Decisions are made on a quarterly basis by the NED Board of Directors. The Board considers the following factors:

  • how a program fits within the Endowment’s overall priorities,
  • its relevance to specific needs and conditions in a particular country,
  • the democratic commitment and experience of the applicant.


Upcoming Board of Directors meeting dates and proposal submission deadlines are as follows:


  • September 14th, 2020
  • January 11, 2021 (email), January 29, 2021 (portal)
  • TBD
  • TBD

*Proposals submitted after the deadline will be considered at the following Board Meeting.


  • January 10, 2020
  • March 27, 2020
  • June 19, 2020
  • September 11, 2020

*Applicants will be notified of the Board of Directors’ decision by email within one business week of the board meeting date.

All applications must include the following items:

  • Proposal Cover Sheet (PDF)
    This form collects basic organizational information.
  • Proposal Narrative
    This is the written description of the project you would like to conduct with NED funds. Please follow the PROPOSAL GUIDELINES. You may prepare the Proposal Narrative in English or your local language. Proposals should be approximately 10 pages in length.
  • Interim Assessment (for renewal proposals only)
    This is an assessment of your organization’s previous NED grant, if any. It should be included as part of the proposal narrative.
  • Proposal Budget
    This is the financial description of the project you would like to conduct with NED funds and should correspond to the activities in the Proposal Narrative. Please follow the ADDITIONAL GUIDANCE and use the BUDGET TEMPLATE whenever possible.
  • Registration Documents (if applicable)
    Please include your Certificate of Registration or other documentation showing the legal status of your organization.

If your organization is not registered, this documentation is not required. Instead, please include an explanation (in the Proposal Cover Sheet) as to why your organization is not registered and the status of any pending applications for registration.


Prepare all of the materials listed above in Application Requirements.


When ready, please send your proposal application via only one method below. You will be asked to create a user account for your organization. If you have previously applied online, you may log in using your organization’s existing account.


When your documents are ready, click on the link above to begin the online application process.

You will be asked to create a user account for your organization. If you have previously applied online, you may log in using your organization’s existing account.

To apply by email:

Send all of the application materials by email to PROPOSALS@NED.ORG.

To apply by post:

Send all of the application materials to

National Endowment for Democracy:
Attn: Grant Proposals
1025 F Street NW, Suite 800
Washington, DC 20004 USA

To apply by fax:

+1 (202) 378-9407

The above is a summary of the original procurement notice.

Additional information and documents are available for download from the original procurement notice page.

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