Open call for project proposals -Tadamon Crowdfunding Academy in Somalia

What is the Tadamon Crowdfunding Academy?

After five years of successfully organizing Crowdfunding Academies in over 30 countries, with 500 participants, and more than 100 successful crowdfunding campaigns – we are moving online to bring the Academy closer to you.

The Tadamon Crowdfunding Academy is a training program that enables civil society organizations (CSOs) to raise funds using crowdfunding.

We want to empower CSOs with know-how on how to build and grow your community, give your projects more visibility to engage donors and partners but not only, create compelling stories about your issues, and finance your projects and ideas.

The Tadamon Crowdfunding Academy is an e-learning and digital classroom program carried out in partnership with the Kaya platform and local crowdfunding experts fromSimad University and the Kaal Somalia.

Selected CSOs will develop their crowdfunding campaign through e-learning tools and offline training using learning materials and presentations, work assignments, and guidance from leading crowdfunding experts.

Tadamon Crowdfunding Academy is part of the “IsDB – ISFD NGO Empowerment for Poverty Reduction Program”, which is sponsored by the Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development (ISFD), managed by the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB), and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and other strategic partners. The mission of the program is to provide visibility to CSOs`projects and activities, support them to have better access to alternative finance, and connect them to other potential partners and supporters.



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