Hargeisa - Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning workshop for Civil Society Organizations in Somaliland

On 29th — 31 July, Urur Kaab (Technical Assistance For Capacity Building to Civil Society Organization) held a Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Workshop for 38 Monitoring and Evaluations officers and managers from 22 organizations that operate in Somaliland.

The workshop consisted of 3 days, on the first day our expert Badra Yusuf laid out the program agenda and continued to explain Principles of M&E for Results The changing role and practice of M&E. As well as, M&E fundamentals results approaches, outputs, outcomes and impact relate M&E to programmes and project cycle also, identifying stakeholders and their differing needs and roles.

After that the participants have been split into 5 teams working together to put the concepts that they have learnt into action, Badra have continued to explain Results framework how to develop logic model, work with and beyond logframes.

















Other topics covered including Developing M&E frameworks criteria for indicators, develop project indicators, and identify means of verification. M&E systems plan and systems ease the work and increase the efficency of the work.

Major concepts including Learning and Indicators were under discussion in an interactive manner were the participants have shared their thoughts, practices, current methodologies and real life experiences.On third day participants have learnt about embedding key M&E practices and applying these to a civil society organizations practice data gathering tools, use different tools to gather data in live context and field work reflection.

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