Project Description


Urur Kaab is a three-year (January 2020–January 2023) technical assistance for capacity building of Somali civil society programme funded by the Delegation of the European Union to Somalia. The purpose of the program is to:

“Strengthen the capacity of CSOs working in governance and democracy sector to mobilize Somalia/Somaliland citizens to participate more effectively in democracy and governance reform processes through representation, participation, transparency and accountability”


Urur Kaab programme is based on the realization that civil society has an essential role to play in facilitating dialogue within and between communities, promoting civic engagement in governance and democracy, observation, reconciliation and healing around elections and implementation of national developments.
During our analysis of civil society capacities, many Somali civil society organisations expressed wish to increase their capacities in key areas including research, analysis, advocacy and internal organisational management. Further, long term funding remains a challenge since most CSO initiatives are project based, largely funded by donors with no local sources of funding. These challenges affect the ability of CSOs to deliver program and projects that are relevant, innovative, high impact and sustainable; and this in turns affects CSOs legitimacy and credibility.

Urur Kaab Programme will address four core elements of civil society capacity. These are:

  • Organizational and management capacity;
  • Constituency relations
  • Technical know-how; and
  • Collaborative synergies